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Amère à Boire

Amère à Boire

British-style Pale Ale
5.0% alc/vol

Serving temperature: 9-11˚C     English-style Cask Ale

Result: Floral hops aroma and strong, bitter taste.

L’amère à boire is a typical English beer. Its orange and red hue gives it a luminous quality. The nose reveals a delicate floral aroma and the taste is sharp and bitter coupled with a delicately fruity flavour.

The eponymous beer is refermented in the cask, hops are added cold and it is served with a hydraulic pump, as it would be at pubs in England. The result is a beer that is smooth and aromatic, with a taste that is perfect for those who appreciate the flavour of hops.

Marris Otter, crystal and Carastan malt
Fuggle and East Kent Golding cold hops
English yeast

Original density 12˚ Plato