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Cerná Hora

Cerná Hora

Czech-style Lager

5.0% alc /vol

Serving Temperature : 7°- 9°C

Result: A fine hops aroma and a light caramel taste

Dear Černá Hora (pronounced ‘cherna’),

Your forefathers were served under all political regimes. In post-Communist Czechoslovakia, you were introduced to the West in a flask of yeast. From the first brew, your unique taste was revealed. You won us over from the first sip. Since then, we have done everything we can to keep you around.

You have charmed Czech consular officials and earned many accolades at beer festivals. You have become part of Quebec literature. Even in times of shortage, you never lacked the Saaz hops that comes from your homeland. You have proudly posed for the wooden sign that adorns the façade of the brewery you conquered.

After all these years, we’re now on a first-name basis. When your fans visit the brewery, they simply ask for a ‘Černá, please!

Pale and Munich malt
Saaz Bohemian hops
Czech yeast

Original Density:
12° Plato